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"Before I came to see you I considered myself a relatively healthy person. I exercised five days a week, ate according to a well known diet plan which included a lot of low fat, sugar free and prepackaged meals, and solved my issues with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acne rosacea, and vertigo with medication. The only real issue I thought I had was the fact that I could not lose weight. I even had my thyroid tested hoping that that was the problem gut my doctor assured me that my thyroid was within the normal range.

Since I began seeing Jenya my life has changed drastically. I still exercise five days a week, however now I am losing body fat, and gaining muscle mass. I no longer follow a diet plan. I eat real food. I prepare all my meals and rarely eat anything prepackaged.  I no longer have to have something sweet every day.

The amazing thing is that just by changing my eating habits I no longer take acne rosacea medication or high blood pressure medication. My cholesterol medication has been cut in half and I know what to take naturally to combat any vertigo attacks ...and that thyroid issue? I found out that I did have a problem and we are slowly, and naturally getting it back on track. Now I know what being healthy looks like!"

-Madelyn V.


"I was pretty lost health/nutritionally before coming here. I was at my wits end with my dry eyes and problem skin and had NO clue it was because of the food I was eating. I didn't know it could be better and that I didn't have to accept that this is the way it would always be.

Now I am SO much better! My partner and I both already feel 95% better and improved. We feel like we both have this new powerful knowledge that will make us live longer, healthier and happier lives! My eyes have improved so much - my skin too! The improvements are amazing! We can't believe how much better we feel and how much happier we are!"

-Mellisa G.


"I had steadily gained weight over the past 10-15 years. I was tired upon waking, and my energy level would drop by mid-afternoon. I had knee pain and patches of eczema on my face.

Since starting (and sticking with) the program, I've been, steadily losing weight and have more energy through out the day. The knee pain has all but gone away and skin issues appear to be clearing up."

John O.


"I had low energy, metal taste in mouth, and my eyes were clogged. Now I'm feeling great, in touch with my body and how it reacts to foods. I have higher energy level, no metal taste and my eyes are clear. I'm sleeping well, all managed through nutrition."

-Katie H.


"I was exhausted all the time - depressed  and taking 2 depression medications. Asthma was a daily issue: I used a steroid inhaler as well as a daily inhaler Proventil. my weight was up, I was a regular coffee drinker just to get through the day - often irritable and out-of-sorts. Often felt like there were layers between me and the world, unable to focus or be fully present - racing thoughts.

I am off all my dedications - I've lost about 20 lbs. without effort. My energy level increased from the beginning - the first two weeks. I infrequently use my inhaler, and am not depressed. In addition I feel more present more capable of being calm. My thoughts are no longer racing the way they were."

-Karen S.